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Singapore Prize 2019 Winners and Finalists Announced

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During the first week of November, Singapore will play host to global leaders, businesses and investors, all looking to discover new opportunities for accelerating their environmental solutions at scale. The Earthshot Prize winners and finalists will be awarded GBP 1 million (approximately USD 1.25 million or SGD 1.7 million) to help them achieve their plans at a scale that shows visible impact on the planet. The ceremony will also feature performances by world-renowned musicians and artists, including Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Billie Eilish.

The prize is a result of a partnership between the government, private sector and the public. It aims to promote the adoption of innovative technologies that can help eradicate poverty in Asia. It is also a way for the industry to recognise the work of the people in the field, and show them that their efforts are making an impact on the lives of millions of people.

This year’s award winners were chosen by a jury of five judges, comprising Professor Mahbubani; Professor John Miksic, winner of the inaugural NUS History Prize in 2018 for his book Singapore And The Silk Road Of The Sea, 1300-1800; Prof Tan Tai Yong, President of the Singapore University of Social Sciences; and economist Dr Lam San Ling. The jury was assisted by a panel of nominators, which included historians from NUS and other academic institutions, arts and literary figures, museum curators, and history teachers and curriculum developers.

The NUS History Prize was established in 2014 and is awarded every three years. The 2024 prize will be announced on 6 November, during a special event at the Parkroyal Collection Pickering. The ceremony will honor five winners, and the prizes will be presented by the prince of Wales and Princess Michael of Kent.

The NUS Prize is a recognition for the work of historians, archivists, librarians, researchers and scholars who are contributing to the development of knowledge and understanding of Singapore’s past. It is also a platform to celebrate the work of NUS alumni and staff who have made significant contributions to our country’s intellectual, cultural and heritage development. The NUS Prize is a flagship project of the National Library Board, supported by the Ministry of Education and Temasek Foundation. It is administered by the NUS Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The NUS Library holds the most comprehensive collection of Singaporean literature in the region. Its collections include more than 200,000 rare and valuable books, manuscripts and other items. In addition, it has an extensive archive of rare materials and is home to one of the finest research libraries in Southeast Asia. Its renowned and dedicated team of library professionals and staff provide excellent services to the research community. NUS Library is committed to preserving and promoting the heritage of Singapore, while enhancing access to its resources. This is achieved by providing excellent services and supporting outstanding research. In addition to its research and teaching role, it contributes to the national development agenda through its outreach programmes.