Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare recent seminary graduates and local church elders for the pastoral work of ministry.

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Our Vision
“My mentor, D. James Kennedy, has left an enduring legacy of excellence in a host of disciplines: from personal evangelism to media outreach, from music, architecture, and literature to social reform and cultural engagement. He believed that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and so he acted like it and lived like it. Remarkably, one of his deepest concerns was the education and training of pastor-scholars who would give their lives, as he did, to disciple the world for Christ. I am grateful to be a senior fellow with the D. James Kennedy Institute, grateful to be part of extending Dr. Kennedy’s legacy to a new generation. As the former president of Coral Ridge Ministries, I was shaped by Dr. Kennedy in more ways than I could ever enumerate. I yearn for others to drink deeply from that same well of refreshment. Now more than ever our young pastors need to marry scholarship with practical training, and our scholars need to learn how to use every means available to reach as many as possible with the Good News of the Gospel.” Dr. George Grant, Senior Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, TN; former president, Coral Ridge Ministries; board member, Faith for Living, Inc., and the D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership.


The legacy of D J Kennedy and spirit of the DJKIRL is to be the incubator for producing the next generation of like-minded men: in short, “This ministry exists to shepherd the shepherds who will shepherd the flock with faithful, sustainable spiritual and vocational health.”


Erskine Theological Seminary is honored to be the host of the next generation of Dr. Kennedy’s impact and legacy.

Our Goal
The goal of the Institute is to produce well rounded leaders with practical field knowledge and experience to augment their theological training.