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What You Need to Know About Data Hong Kong

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For businesses that operate in Hong Kong, a lot of the data they collect is personal. Personal data is covered by the Hong Kong PDPO (Data Protection Ordinance), and it is important that businesses understand how to manage it in compliance with this law. Those who are not compliant could be fined, so it is essential to learn about the six Data Protection Principles and how they apply to Hong Kong.

For example, while it is legal to obtain personal data from public sources, it is not legal to use that data for a different purpose without consent. Also, the information collected must be accurate and up to date. A data subject can request to see the personal information held by a business, and it is the responsibility of the business to respond.

Another key thing to remember about data hk is that it can only be used for the purpose for which it was originally collected. For example, a person who agrees to have their contact details used for direct marketing purposes can only be contacted for that purpose. It is not acceptable to use the data for a different purpose, even if that new purpose is legitimate.

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