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Tips For MMA Betting


MMA has exploded in popularity over the last decade, becoming a major fight sport. With UFC events held all over the world, and a massive betting slate of fights every week, fans have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to placing wagers on fight outcomes. There are a few key things to know before you start placing MMA bets. First, you’ll need to understand the different types of bets and their odds. Secondly, it’s important to consider the fighters’ records, fighting styles and strengths and weaknesses.

Moneyline bets are the most common way to place a bet on an MMA event. Oddsmakers set the odds for each fighter, with positive numbers representing the favorite and negative numbers representing the underdog. For example, a fighter who is considered the favorite might have odds of -225 to win $100.

Another popular MMA bet is the Over/Under round total. The oddsmakers will calculate the expected number of rounds in a fight and then offer the Over and Under betting options. To win this bet, you must correctly predict how many rounds the match will last. MMA bouts typically have four rounds, and each round lasts five minutes.

In MMA betting, you can also make prop bets on specific aspects of the fight. These bets include whether a fighter will score a knockout, attempt a submission maneuver and more. Some prop bets are more subjective than others. For example, an over/under on significant strikes landed is subjective but can be a great way to make money in MMA betting.

If you’re looking for more excitement and higher payouts, parlays are a good option. A parlay bet requires all of the individual bets in the parlay to be correct in order to win. As a result, they are a riskier type of MMA betting, but can be extremely rewarding when successful. To make the best parlays, it’s essential to study each fighter’s past performance and history, watch/listen to MMA podcasts, and check out the weigh-ins to get a feel for how the fighters will look on fight day.

One of the most important tips for MMA betting is to pay attention to fighters’ styles, especially their stance. A fighter’s stance can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on how they use their arms, whether they are left-handed or right-handed, and their height. In addition, paying attention to the weigh-ins can help you assess a fighter’s health and fitness as well. For example, extreme dehydration can reduce the amount of cerebrospinal fluid in a fighter’s brain, making them more susceptible to a knockout. Paying attention to these factors can help you predict how a fight will end and make more winning bets.